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Hey, there sweet thang! I'm Chef Amanda Schonberg. But you can just call me chef.

I am an award-winning classically trained chef passionate about baking with booze.

Honestly, I love all things sweet, so if baking isn’t your thing and you want to wow your guests or loved ones with a unique experience, you're in the right place.


So, how did it all began?/ Well, when I was younger my mom had a secret ingredient-Disaronno. When we had family gatherings she would make a delicious pound cake that she let sit in Disaronno and cherry juice.

I don't know what it was but folks went crazy over this boozy baked good. Mainly me. Once completing culinary school as I begin to make and bake my own family recipes I found myself reaching for the bottle. From Disaronno to Jack, Absolut to Captain Morgan’s. I began to learn that adding booze makes everything better lol. 


So after spending years managing other retail bakeries and businesses, I decided to pour myself a shot and give my baked goods a go. In 2015 with my hubby on board, I started Chef Schonberg’s Sweets, a licensed E-commerce bakery focusing on sweets designed with adults in mind.


It’s not just the booze that our desserts are known for but it’s also the southern classics. All the things my momma made me are all the things I can't wait to bake for you.




We are a small batch made licensed and insured cottage bakery. Everything you order is handcrafted by me and my team. I love working with the community. So whether it’s fresh Louisiana berries from our local farmers or delicious edible flowers humanly grown, I strive to use locally sourced and Non- GMO ingredients whenever possible. I am a very free-spirited person and you will see that the names of my desserts reflect that.


I believe that all things in life are worth celebrating. I have been honored to have my work featured nationally in magazines such as American Cake Decorating and Southern Celebrations. And also t.v. outlets such as Fox News and local news. From New-York times best selling authors, R-n-B musicians, athletes, actresses, Food Network personalities and more. I have been blessed to bake my sweets for a variety of celebrities but no order is more important than the one that I will make for you.


Thank you for visiting our little place on the web. We hope that our gourmet cakes and confections will help your next party or event become a sweet success.

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Chef Schonberg

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