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Are you a baker,sweet maker or caker? My passion is working with others in the baking/sweets community to help them utilize their potential to the max. I am a firm believer of the saying, "Faith without works is dead." However, sometimes as new entrepreneurs in the sweets community we just don't know the work that should be done or the exact steps to take to accomplish it. 

Let me HELP you! I am a published, award winning ,ACF certified chef with a background in food service management and over 7 years experience. I have managed multiple Fortune 500 companies and use that experience and training to help others run their business.  I know what it is like to start off with a baking business and need PERSONALIZED help along the way.

We offer multiple classes throughout the year to help bakery /sweet makers with their business as well as leisure classes for locals also.

Need a culinary mentor? (Free)

Curious about different topics in the sweets community and operating your business? Enjoy baking and learning cool tips and tricks along the way? Periscope is a free live streaming app which lets others share live video. Be sure to follow me on Periscope @ Chef Schonberg. Click through recent files where I have free recipes, blessings,lessons,tips and tricks already saved. View at any time you like!

Need a One-on One Consultation?

Starting a home based baking business and need assistance? Are you looking to INCREASE your revenue with your sweets business?  Do you need to IMPROVE efficiency in your current business? Need help with obtaining CORPORATE accounts and creating business proposal packages? Stuck on streamlining your menu, finding your niche or recipe development?

SCHEDULE a one-on -one personal consultation so I can IMMEDIATELY begin to work FOR you and develop a personalized SOLUTION for your business. We will work together to create effective solutions to allow you to break through your business plateau and begin to prosper with your business.

EMAIL me to schedule your consultation.

Chef Amanda Schonberg
Certified Chef & Culinary Mentor

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Chef Amanda Schonberg has a great love for regional desserts. After having a longtime passion for food and wanting a career change she began her culinary training for Culinary Arts and Occupations at Baton Rouge Community College in which she completed in 2011.

Having a strong desire to serve and help others she participated in many organizations and events to better her studies during her tenure. While enrolled in Baton Rouge Community College she ran for office in which she was elected by her student body as the college’s Student Government Association Treasurer in which role she served diligently during her tenure. Her senior year she applied for the Sterling Forbe’s scholarship given through the culinary arts program to an outstanding senior who embodied the goals and dedication as the person it was named for in which she won.

Equipped with her administrative background and new career path she immediately went into food service management. She has managed and worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Sam’s Wholesale, Chartwells’s Dining, and Great American Cookie Company. After managing a few companies within the retail food service industry she soon decided to embark on her own culinary path. In 2015 she started Chef Schonberg’s Sweets; a desserts catering company specializing in old fashioned desserts with a new flair.Her unique approach to taking standard desserts and adding a unique twist to them quickly became popular. She has catered to celebrity artist such as R-n-B group Mindless Behavior, Food Network's Gina Neely, rap artist Juvenille, R & B legend Brian Mcknight, New York Times best selling author Ashley Antoinette, LSU athlete’s and a host of others. She has been featured in local publications such as DIG Magazine, Moving Forward, Livingston Parish News, and 225 Magazine. Her recipes and work have been featured in national magazines such as American Cake Decorating and Southern Celebrations Magazine and televised on news channels such as FOX media.She is also the 2017 winner of the Baton Rouge Wedding Industry Awards for best desserts/sweets.She assist others who need help starting their business locally by offering private classes to guide them as well as to others online through social media.

Chef Schonberg enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her husband. She serves on the Advisory Committee for the college she attended in which she helps to serve with providing input in today’s culinary atmosphere.She is the co-founder of Sugar Coin Academy, an online academy devoted to providing exclusive business training's and tutorials for other bakers/sweet makers who have their own business. She continues to work and grow her business while living in Louisiana and strives to provide sweets for the soul.

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