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Why perfect isn't good enough;the downfall of not sharing your gifts.

As I write this i really cant believe that we are half way into the new year! Like many people I'm sure you started the year with a TON of resolutions. I love June because it is a great way to look back and reflect on your distance towards your goals and if you completed them or not.

Almost all of mine I am on track for except one of my goals; which was to start a You-Tube channel. After all America loves You-Tube. I have to admit there are so many motivational speakers and thought leaders that I love listening to on You-Tube but as a baker and teacher I love to share stuff also. And this has surely become the platform to do so.

However,many years ago Periscope was on and popping and that was my jam. Like so many amazing bakers and cake artists I would love to hop on and share my tips,tricks,blessings and lessons with my peers. However sharing is just the half of it. I LOVE to watch and support others also. When you are an entrepreneur often times it can be hard to discuss little battles with others because they don't understand.My husband wont get how I forgot to add red dye in my red velvet cupcakes and why it pissed me off lol. However, another baker would totally understand.Everyone has so many different tips and ways of doing things and learning with others is always fun and entertaining. However Periscope has changed and since it doesn't allow for categorization much like You-Tube, its not the preferred choice for some.

So why have I yet to start my You-Tube channel? Because it's not perfect to me.

Have you ever been like that? Constantly beat yourself up for something because you feel it isn't good enough? Well for months this has been me. You don't know how many times I have had to correct myself. I have done so many videos but just haven't uploaded them, and most of the time it was my fault(editing and filming is a beast!) So i would get frustrated and walk away.

But with June here I just realized I am a little bit more behind than I planned on and often times it's cause I feel things are not perfect. However I forget the importance of the age old saying....DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.

I am big on self-love as well as positive talk. Any time the universe presents a thought that is unpleasant I am quick to replace that sh*t with a positive affirmation.

But Amanda your light isn't bright enough, what will THEY say?

Uhhhh..? And why the hell do I care what they say?

Do they pay my bills? Nope. Do they control my life? Hell no. Their opinion of me is not my reality of myself. The reality is this. I'm a big girl. I make desserts ever day in my head. I wake up every morning thinking of baking and go to bed thinking of baking. If I have a love for something I am only shorting myself by not sharing my gift and love with others and if this sounds familiar to you then chances are you might be doing the same.

So why do folks keep saying done is better than perfect? Because doing something is better than doing nothing.

Do you know who your number one hater is? I hate to say it but its's you. Often times its the internal back and forth that we have in our minds, the constant bickering and conversations we tell ourselves as to why this thing wont work, that goal wot be achieved, this association wont be positive and so on and so forth.

But yet on the other end is a person who needs what you have to share, who will love and benefit from the very thing it is that you have to offer. THAT is the person who is missing out. The people who show up for us on a daily basis because they care and because they are supportive.

That is why perfect isn't good enough. Because when we chase perfection so much to the point that it cripples our production, we end up falling behind. We end up being over achievers and under- producers. No one can talk shi*t about what you HAVE NOT done. You can only be judged on what you have.

But more than likely the only one judging you is yourself.Because in reality, anyone who has something to say about how you choose to better yourself or what you do with your life is already beneath you.I can guarantee you that you will feel a whole lot better once you have scratched what it is off of your to- do list, instead of writing it back on the list over and over again.( Don't act like you don't do that issh lol)

Another goal of mine was to start writing. I love to speak and I love to read. From a business stand point blogging is great for a companies business because it gives people an amazing peek into who you are. Did I mention that this is my first blog post? Yeah I know... i'm supposed to start with a hello this me.....welcome to my blog.... i'm so glad you are here... blah blah blah, but you know what? That crap wasn't sounding perfect either lol. I tried for months to draft the perfect blog post to welcome you to my page. However honestly, I actually think this is it.

So welcome. My name is Amanda Schonberg but you can call me chef(everyone else does). I own an award winning desserts catering company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am a celebrity chef, a wife, a teacher and If I must say so myself, a damn good blogger(don't judge me now lol).

Sometimes I slip and curse, sometime I run late, sometimes I forget to auto-spell, but never will I go a day without walking in my purpose. I am not perfect, and if that's what your looking for you can read someone else's sh*t. But I am me. And in between running my business, traveling and speaking and helping others along the way I like to bake. Not just for profit but for fun.

If you have made it this far then congrats! I look forward to getting to know you, and thanks for listening. It is my hope that I can make you smile and bring joy into your life. That I give you recipes you can share with your families and a behind the scenes look into what being an entrepreneur really is. I promise to be authentic, transparent and as honest as possible. And, I look forward to the laughs we will have along the way.

I am not perfect, but I serve the one who is, and I look forward to sharing my gifts with you.

So what milestones has perfection held you back from? Also how do you get over getting over yourself at times?Drop a comment below I would love to hear about them.

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