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Something Old/Something New

As I look over the old year we are so grateful for all those who have intentionally supported our business .From the best choice of birthday cakes to chocolate covered strawberries and more we enjoyed being able to deliver quality for you throughout the year.

Last year started off differently. With the pandemic we all were pulled, tested and stretched to new heights in more ways then one. However if I know anything about our community it is that we come together in a time of need.

Celebrations became much more meaningful and the need for our cakes and treats grew like never before.

That is what makes us serving you a true delight.

So what exactly did you guys enjoy most last year? Looking over our records here were our top three selling items:

Wedding White cake with raspberry filling ( a southern favorite)

Boozy Bride (wedding white flavored cake infused with Disaronno)

50 shades of Chocolate Layer Cake

And of course our signature Champagne Kisses cake was a close runner up.

Yep, it is safe to say that in 2020 you guys enjoyed our sweets. Trust me, we cant thank you enough!

So what changes lie ahead for the new year? Not much just being sure we continue excellent delivery and execution on the best cakes and sweets you guys enjoy. We also want you to know with options like online ordering, contactless delivery, individually wrapped items and strict sanitation methods; we will be sure we keep safety a top priority as we serve you going forward.

Thanks so much for continuing to support our small business. We look forward to making your occasions truly sweet.


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